The Road Bike Climbs of the Alps – All paved roads above 2000m & some gravel roads

Édition en Anglais de Jerry Nilson (Auteur) – 25 novembre 2023 – 300 pages, 339 photos

This book is a presentation of all the paved road climbs in all of the Alps at or above 2000m. It also includes the gravel roads that I have cycled on above 2000m.

The book is written from the perspective of a road cyclist, but the information provided here may also be of interest to a broader audience as one learns much about the Alps and its roads. It can also serve as a reference for the high roads of the Alps, even if not every aspect is covered.

Through photos, descriptions, facts about length and steepness, and personal experiences, you will gain an understanding of what to expect when cycling up these roads.

Jerry Nilson has previously published Dream Road Bike Tour of the Alps – a practical guide on how to plan and execute your own tour through the mountains, illustrated with a suggested and detailed « Dream Tour » based on personal experience. To date, Jerry has visited over 4000 passes and other climbs, with a special focus on the Alps.

Jerry hopes to publish further books on the best other climbs and routes in the Alps, and possibly later in the Pyrenees and possibly other locations.